So i did a print of Yoda. Longest I have ever done.

So i did a print of Yoda. Longest I have ever done. I used 0 infill but it still printed a lot of almost solid layers. Tried googeling and got some indication at it had some thing to do with skeinforge. I guess the same thing is making the top of the head of the cat being printed solid. Any way around except changing slicer?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:
Slic3r tries to support the top layers by any means since otherwise the internal overhang would be too steep to print and the top surface would end up with large holes in it.
It does look like you’re printing the last layers too fast, though. Try decreasing the minimum print speed and/or increasing the minimum layer time in Slic3r’s cooling menu.

I use Skeinforge and the cool plugin. It prints a layer using a minimum of 10 seconds. So it slows down quite a bit on the top. I think the cat image is lying a bit. the surface is smooth but the underlaying layers are showing due to the filament being translucent.

Well, in Skeinforge you can turn off the “infill in direction of bridge” option, which will probably get rid off those solid layers. But be warned, it might look even uglier than now :wink:
If you’ve got an extra shell, set your printing order to Perimeters -> Extra Shells -> Infill so that the extra shell(s) might grab onto the perimeter of the same layer.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I find it hard to understand what effect the settings skeinforge will have just by there name.

It’s hard to understand skeinforge, period.
Slic3r is now at a point where it can completely supersede SF, i’d suggest you try it out sometime.

Slic3r will also save you a little bit of filament on certain pieces. Skeinforge, on bridge layers, will make an entire layer solid. Slic3r will just selectively bridge only the areas that need to be bridged, saving filament.

btw I really like that translucent green/orange.

Guess I have to give Slic3r a try again. Haven’t had any success the before when trying it out.