SO I decided to take my Talos for a photo shoot :) What can

SO I decided to take my Talos for a photo shoot :slight_smile:

What can I say, I don’t sleep much. I guess I just wanted to show you how good looking Alex’s printer design can be when it’s not on my messy desk.

Hope you enjoy.

Machine porn at its best…

@Ernesto_Martinez thanks. It is a great design by Alex… But I thinks my boys didn’t do to shabby building it :slight_smile:

Niiiice!!! That’s a slick build Eric, your boys are ahead of their time.

These guys are super lucky to have to you AND your boys! Great looking build, they did amazing,

What’s the foot print on this build? my next venture will either be in the relm of 3d printing or a silk screen print station

@Alex_Krause Here is the Github with the models that should help:

Also this print should help:

@Alex_Krause you have the ability to make some of this build, @Alex_Lee cut pieces on his OX for this build.

Great looking printer!

@Alex_Krause and the dimensions I gave in that picture are for the small version. It scales very easily to larger print envelope sizes.

@Alex_Krause Please let me know if you need any help with any question you may have on the build!

Just be careful, once you start cutting aluminum it’s hard to go back to wood! LOL

@Brandon_Satterfield Her name is Roxy! :smiley:

@Alex_Lee your right please have Roxy forgive me for my discretion… Haha.

@Brandon_Satterfield She’s hurt, but she forgives you since you’re her God father…