So I am playing with a fun new (unreleased) controller and some drivers from

So I am playing with a fun new (unreleased) controller and some drivers from @Roy_Cortes ​​​ at Panucatt. Dual extruder capable smoothieware based unit. I have been waiting to try this thing for a while. Just my luck. I get everything installed and now I have to travel for work next week. Guess I need to get some energy drinks and do my initial testing and tuning before I go.

My Panucatt azteeg x3 has served me so well. It was sad to pull it off its home of so many years. But I am certain just like Roy’s other boards this new board will be a bomb proof workhorse. And his new driver design/footprint is just amazing.

My old front mounted hinged controller box and Viki LCD was just a little bit too tight a fit for the new board. So I designed a new box for the side of HercuLien which mounts the board above a Raspberry Pi3 running Octoprint and a new viki2 mount for the front.

I just wish he’d get his other x5 in stock

@Derek_Schuetz I know he is working hard at getting them back in stock. I think there was a component supply issue.

Nice and clean wiring. Can’t wait to see how your Herculien performs with a 32bit controller.

Looks interesting though analog trim pots on the drivers seem like a step back.

@Eclsnowman Whats the current rating on the drivers? I’m collecting parts for my build and my motors are rated for up to 3 amps.

@Jeff_DeMaagd that is just there for option to use manual. They have digital trim pots too. It depends on if you enable it via a jumper on/off.

@Jeremy_Marvin I have some drivers from Roy that are 4amp capable too :slight_smile:

Those are going on my SMW3D R7 CNC soon!

@Zane_Baird I know, after going to smoothieware on my Eustathios and Talos3D Tria Delta I am sold that 32bit is the only way to go for new builds. I have just been waiting for Roy to build a dual extrusion capable board. IMHO Panucatt boards are hands down the best ones out there. And the selection of drivers he is prototyping right now will knock your socks off. He is really covering all the use cases.

Did you notice the cool network daughter board he added :slight_smile: time to finally play with smoothieware network interface in addition to my standard choice of Octoprint. Gotta love having options!

@Eclsnowman Awesome! Do you have links or anything to these? I’ve been searching. a lot!

@Jeremy_Marvin ​​ his first released “Bigfoot” driver is here:

It does require one if his newer form factor boards due to the size and pin configuration. The only available version of those boards is currently his GRBL based Gradus M1 Pro designed for CNC machines:

But he has plenty of new goodies in the pipeline :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman At least something is in the works! I too could use a Dual Extruder option, but really want 3 amps for my XYZ.

@Eclsnowman any kind of timeline on when the new board is made available to the public? I’m looking to order components but kinda stuck due to the issues w/ the X5 Mini V2 not being available.

Your opinion, do I find a cheap RAMPS 1.4 unit (Amazon has some kits for $~50) until they start producing again or?

I would wait. I think it could be pretty soon.

@Eclsnowman thanks Eric, much appreciated.

@Eclsnowman I see today that they now show a Azteeg X5 Mini V3 under pre-order. They have modular drives! Wondering which stepper drive looks the best?

@jerryflyguy See… I told you to wait :slight_smile:

Both the SD6128 and SD5984 are great drivers. I have been testing them both since I got the other board running. The main difference that I can see for you is SD6128 = 1/128 microstep max, and the SD5984 = 1/32 microstep max. Both are much more silent operation than the SD8825, and run nice and cool. Also both are digipot enabled. I tried using SD6128 at 1/128 microstepping. But to be honest it is massive overkill at the resolutions our mechanical side can actually maintain and I actually had missed steps. I think the missed steps were from the processor not being able to keep up with the step count at the high speed I was testing. Since the SD6128 are a $6 premium each… I would go with the SD5984 right now. They perform great in my initial testing.

@Eclsnowman yes you did! :slight_smile:

Noise wise there is no difference between the two? The $6 premium is not my first concern… Can you 1/64 micro step the SD6128 and get a ‘best of both’ ? Certainly don’t want missed steps, had that on the mill I built, drove me crazy on super long projects (80hr machine jobs).

@jerryflyguy certainly can. I ran my SD6128 drivers originally on the X3 using Marlin at 1/32. They run well there too.

@Eclsnowman Hi Eric, could you give me the black cover box stl file, pls? I want to make a same one. thx