So here is the next video we are all going to have to explain

So here is the next video we are all going to have to explain to our layman friends:

However I really think this guy has a vision, and may garner support. A push for a censor-free, github-backed, torrent-powered, bitcoin-funded, open-source platform is certainly something that interests me, even if it was borne out of a desire to distribute controversial firearms models.

If only as a thingiverse++ consideration.


I’m amazed the amount of media hype this guy has created. To print a lower receiver or any part might be possible, but if you really wanted to get ahold of a gun by making something, printing it is the stupidest way to go about it. I compare it to sharpening a pencil on a 4 axis CNC- but making the whole pencil out of fragile material.

By buying a partially machined lower receiver (which does not require a background check or any regulation) - and performing a couple simple machining steps (like drilling some holes) - you accomplish the same part. And it’s made of metal- so the chintzy factor evaporates.

If someone like Glenn Beck is getting interviews with the guy, I smell someone after funding with no real goal - it’s all hype. He is against the “collectivism of manufacturing” - in other words he doesn’t like how much large machine tools cost? How can one be a “functional” anarchist (oxymoron)?

Bad interview:

@Anthony_White , as I understand it, his newest revision of the AR-15 lower actually went through something like 1200 rounds of ammo.

and a metal one lasts how long?

@Anthony_White I don’t think that’s the correct question. It went from only handling 5 rounds, to 1200. You not think that subsequent revisions will not last just as long as the metal ones?

Sounds like they are trying to build thepiratebay for 3d models?

@Funbie_Studios TPB already has a section for 3D models. It’s titled “Physibles”, and is free from censorship already.

@ThantiK - I don’t know much about the lower receiver as a part itself (not into guns) - but I would assume that the much higher wear resistance of metal over printed ABS makes the prospect of printing a long lasting unit silly. Minimum $500 for a printer, and around $20 of plastic vs. <$100 metal part, and the tools to prepare it are at least <$200?
I acknowledge that they have refined there design, but I doubt they’ll ever have a printed unit last indefinitely.
@Brandon_Sterne - does the Pirate Bay censor the physibles section? Somehow I doubt they would…they don’t censor anything else that I’m aware of

To paraphrase, I don’t agree with what they do (print gun parts) but I’ll defend their right to do it.

I’d be willing to bet everyone here with a working printer has used it to print something that some country or company would like to stop them from printing, so as much as I hate the boringness of their application and the hype and potential side-effects their work may have on our work, I would be opposed to any law that would attempt to stop them, because it could be used against all of us.