So here is my obligatory 3d printed parts for the spider v2 all partss

So here is my obligatory 3d printed parts for the spider v2 all partss are abs from a folgertech 2020. I am very slowly putting it together and purchasing parts (wife… budget). I was wondering what % infill I should be shooting for, basically anything load bearing I have been doing 100%, should this also includes the carriage? I was going to go with Walter’s space invader mini. So far I have ordered the ballscrews and some bearings. I was going to purchase the extrusion from the maker shop that posted on here a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if they will start pure drilling the holes?

I never went above 80% infill on any parts i have printed and it’s usually more than enough. If you want all of your extrusion cut and drilled for you I would just go with misumi. I think the all the extrusion, rods, lead screws from misumi cut and ready for assembly went for $500 when I built mine and those were black anodized

Can’t find the tests, but there was a videos on YouTube showing that anything over 40% was useless and even becoming weaker in some cases. don’t know if it’s that true.

I used a fairly low infill rate on the carriage, I’d guess under 20%, I think I used grid infill, and 2 or 3 perimeters. I tend to like printing transparent filaments at 100%, but it would have added too much weight in this case.

Same here: 3 perimeters, 4 when strength needed. I didn’t print anything over 20% grid.

Interesting… perhaps I have been wasting filament. Here was my motivating force behind high infill: I shouldn’t say all load bearing parts are 100% as I have been playing with it a little. I have 3 perimeters set as default, only increased it in Repetier as the default was set to 2. Presently I have a range between 75 and 100% for most of my parts.

Oops, I just did a batch of my parts solid, took up 2/3’s of a roll!