So here is my latest try.

(Advan Shumiski) #1

So here is my latest try. I created this installation for a friend’s small concert. All controlled by wifi, via an esp32.

Next step is to understand better ArtNet, and separate each of the strips. So far they have been receiving the same data.

Thank you @Jason_Coon and @Yves_BAZIN for the help with the delay thing!

(Marc Miller) #2

Super. Just think of all the little things you learned along the way to get to this point! Looks cool.

(X-WL) #3

Cool! For this you better suit Resolume Arena. How many LEDs did you use?

(Yves BAZIN) #4

@Advan_Shumiski great job !!!

(Advan Shumiski) #5

@marmil Definitely! TONS of learning. Still have a lot to figure out, but it has been great!

(Advan Shumiski) #6

@X-WL1 I know a lot of people have been using it or MadMapper, but I have to say that I love to be able to create everything from scratch. Processing gives me full control of what I can do.

(Advan Shumiski) #7

@Yves_BAZIN Thanks!