So Glad Tech Shop has a local, S.F facility.

So Glad Tech Shop has a local, S.F facility. Makes 3D tech accessible to inpoverished inventors.

how do i get started with training …etc.

TechShop has a few different options for membership. Training is separate. Once you have taken an SBU or standard basic unit, class. you are permitted to use tools within the “shop” for a specified area. Records are kept for all of your qualifications and advisors are available to 'refresh your memory, assist your inquires to help on any project. You don’t have to be a member in order to take classes. You must pay for membership before you schedule time to actually come work on your “idea” in the facility. I have taken SBU and advanced courses at their facilities in Menlo Park and San Francisco.typical classes are in the neighborhood of $30 plus an occasional materials fee. check their website for class schedules. Have Fun and Good Luck! btcb

I belong to Techshop San Jose and I love it. It can be expensive (125/month and most classes are around 60 bucks) but if you’re a veteran there’s this program to get you in and going for nothing.

They also generally offer sign-up sales during Makerfaire -May 18-19th. Sign-up, some classes, etc for a lower entry fee.