So frustrated! I'm trying to find t-slot extrusions and stainless steel 8 or 6mm

So frustrated! I’m trying to find t-slot extrusions and stainless steel 8 or 6mm rods in Canada, and failing miserably.

Whenever I’ve needed rods (shipped to Ottawa), I’ve bought them from VXB:

I’ve had great experiances with this vendor.

Which linear bearing do you guy recommend? Some of them VXB ones have bad reviews, and the rods are so expensive I’d hate for a bad bearing to ruin it.

I use standard linear 8mm bearings (LM8UU)

Also, what do you think about this as an alternative ?
For the same price as the rods I can get 3 linear systems from OpenBuild

I just built a delta using OpenBuilds v-groove and mini-v wheels. Works great so far. After a little adjustment of wheel tension there is no play at all. Can’t say anything about durability though. And be aware that their idler is a rather large diameter compared to the pulleys they sell.

Misumi supposedly will pay for import costs into Canada ( - I have no direct experience, though.

@Chris_Bigpaws_Chambe unfortunately is not an option for the majority non-US people/destinations. You have to be a Big Company with an Established Relationship before they’ll let you buy from them. Apparently, some products they carry are subject to export restrictions because of their suitability for nuclear fission applications. Selectively granting permission is [currently] easier for them to manage than denying access.

Someone on the RepRap forum found this 80/20 distributor in BC but he ended up buying from a Chinese vendor which was 40% cheaper, shipped by FedEx in less than a week. I would paste the link to the forum topic but it’s in French…

Solarbotics has OpenBeam extrusions