So everytime I trace to vector a bmp that I have opened in LW3

So everytime I trace to vector a bmp that I have opened in LW3 I see lots of little pale green lines. From trial and error I have discovered that these little green lines indicate the path the laser will move/burn as it moves to the next portion of the bmp to engrave. I assume there is a way to remove or reduce those lines. Perhaps some settings I need to further tweak, or a way to tell the laser to turn off during those portions of the engraving. If there is can someone point me in the direction of how to do that? Here is a sample picture of what I mean.

LW3, grbl 1.1f, Arduino IDE, I have no idea how to get a dump of the grbl 1.1f settings though, will figure out tonight after work’

Thanks for the tips again. Your posts have been really helpful. Sorry it seems like I am not rtfm, I am trying to digest a lot of brand new information from a lot of different sources at once.

I understand that none of my questions are LW program problems. I just wasn’t sure where else to ask questions as I have zero knowledge relating to any aspect of laser engraving. Thanks again for the help, and can take it from here.

I have quickly tested 1.1f and it just worked fine.