So did anyone else make the mistake of getting a moshi machine?

So did anyone else make the mistake of getting a moshi machine? If so does anyone have instructions on using the moshiLaser corel plugin? I can engrave and cut just fine in moshi, but it’s a pain. Also I do plan on upgrade to ramps or smoothie at some point but for now right I’m going to continue to trudge through moshi land.

getting a Moshi machine isn’t a mistake if you intend to upgrade the board, those are the cheapest and regularly discounted ;-))
You understand why I am not discussing Laserdraw, I don’t have it … nor Corel (I am a Mac Os user)

Maybe one day on ebay you will be able to choose between those options
-no board (personal install, open source software, visicut,…)
-Moshi (moshidraw)
-Nano (Laserdraw)


Stephane, Have you upgraded your K40 and how much did it cost and how difficult was it to do. I no nothing about electronics???

@Tony_Schelts all in the document named " K40 Modifications & improvements" (top right corner)

@Nathaniel_Swartz I design in Sketchup, export to PDF then import it to Corel for cutting via the CorelLaser plugin. I’ve not seen Moshidraw but if it is a predecessor of Laserdraw then this may help :

I’m curious if you had better luck?. I’m very familiar with Corel Draw, but the MoshiLaser plugin is definitely junk and MoshiDraw is even worse. I can get it to Cut/engrave and outline, but can’t get it to engrave.

@Kelly_Burns answer in 2 videos here :

@StephaneBUISSON I have plans to upgrade/mod, but want to at least make an attempt to get it working as is. Thanks for the info. I looked at Doc you provided earlier and very thorough. If I go the Ramps route, it will come in very handy.

ramps not very powerfull (old), better to wait a bit for Smoothiebrainz (smoothieware) to go out.