So, been meaning to ask -- When I get that weird crap where I

So, been meaning to ask – When I get that weird crap where I load an SVG and it’s all buggered up (lines up to a corner, things offset, etc) - is this just a display bug? Or is it going to cut things like that? I’m getting this even with Inkscape, everything turned into paths, and ungrouped.

I assume LW1. Post the file. When that happened to me it was a no go. But i did a dry run anyway.

LW2 – LW1 is probably the only laser software I haven’t tried yet.

SVG on LW2 has issues, but that has not happened to me yet. Yesterday i did a vector but had to play a lot with placement

Installing LW1 now, as I’ve gotta really get my steps_per_mm set up. Seriously considering replacing the endstops and motors for cleaner wiring - not to mention mech endstops work fine on 3.3v with no need for level conversion.

What type of motors does it come with?

17HW3448N-15AD – which I can’t find any data on in english. Nonames.

+Peter van der Walt, heh - I noticed the comment about changing libraries again. snap.svg is made by Adobe – or an adobe employee at least. Turns out, if I take my SVG generated from Inkscape, load it in Illustrator, save it in illustrator (and do nothing else) it fixes a lot of problems (pretty much every single problem). But the problem is…that means I’ve gotta have one of the most expensive, closed source packages in the world for editing vectors in order to get LW2 to work correctly. :frowning:

No doubt, because Adobe wants to ensure that the only thing that will work with that library is Adobe software.