So apparently RepRapDiscount is charging ~$200 for their most basic LCD controller.

So apparently RepRapDiscount is charging ~$200 for their most basic LCD controller. According to them a large amount of the people who purchase these end up returning them because they don’t know how to set them up, Apparently this in turn costs them enough money to warrant raising the price to a ridiculous amount instead of changing either their return policy or providing an explanation of the requirements for setting up the display.

I love RepRapDiscount and they do have high quality hardware, but this is just stupid, their solution doesn’t make any sense, they won’t sell any of their product in the price is that high, unless they’re doing this as a way to deter people from buying it so that they’ll buy the more expensive alternatives they’ve just released.

LOL, They sell a lot of 10 for $290, are they on crack? Just buy the 10 and sell them to other people.

I know, I saw that and was completely blown away.
I looked up the problems the referenced on their forums and there’s only one problem matching their description, and it’s just this a guy who decided to build a rostock as his first printer and didn’t know much very about the firmware aspect of printing.

I thought the ebay store had some for much better deals. Or maybe that was only when it is included in a kit?