So any update on my bent XY shafts on my Ulti Orig! I'm looking

So any update on my bent XY shafts on my Ulti Orig! I’m looking for a little help. My Chinese shafts are bent. I have new rods to make ones from the UK. However the new shaft must be fractional larger in diameter and the bronze bearings are too tight a fit. So I thought I would use linear BB bearings. However, after some research ball bearing linear bearings are not suitable for linear and circular movement. So back to the bronze bushes. Now how to make adjustments to the bronze bearings or the shaft. Any recommendations ? I have a lathe!!

Rubbing/lapping compound and a spare piece of shaft?

Great thanks. I have ordered some, but that is going to take a while. I have some buffing compound 3 grades. I think I will try that while I am waiting.

If you have a lathe why not turn your own bushings?

Here’s a video that you could try while you wait. Never had to try it myself so no idea how well it works.

Interesting !!
Well there is nothing to lose!!