So, any recommendations on materials for the various parts?

So, any recommendations on materials for the various parts? Would love to put the recommendations up on the github site.

I have printed ALL my parts in PLA. But that’s probably not the best of recommendations, since both nylon and ABS are tougher in some ways.

PLA degrades when it’s hot for longer periods, and it’s much more brittle than ABS and Nylon which is the strongest.

So parts as the gears, maybe the drive shafts would be best printed in ABS or nylon.

Nylon on the other hand are a bit harder to print, so might be tough to get good gears without much trail and error (not tried nylon my self, but this is what I’ve heard).

I printed everything in PLA, and made sure to grease all the gears with A LOT of silicon, but I don’t think it will last very long, think I will have to reprint some parts in ABS, but don’t have a heated build plate so need yo build one or use other hacks to print ABS on my printer.
(there are “workable” ways to print small parts in ABS without HBP, for example printing on a PLA raft, or on a Veroboard (another thing I havn’t tried :slight_smile: )

The shocks will probably have to be made in Nylon btw.

I haven’t tested my parts yet :slight_smile: But on the subject of the GitHub repository, it seems to me some parts that are in the CAD file are missing from GitHub:

  1. The ball head screws in the steering system (HSP 02038?)

  2. M4 nuts for the wheels

And perhaps adding “alternate” solutions would be of some values? For instance if some metal diffs can be a drop-in replacements, or complete wheels (the current rim takes a long time to print…)

But the BOM is still very useful as it is, thanks a lot for the effort :slight_smile:

Nylon is a good choice for most parts. But as @David_Baron it is harder to print. ABS is another good option, though not quite as tough as nylon is should be stronger than PLA.

There is a post about the large gears being to flexible in Nylon. Being flexible is one of the reasons the nylon can take more of a beating than the ABS.

As for the wheels NinjaFlex filament is a good option for printing them. But again it is a material that is harder to work with.

Nothing is set in stone, but that is what I have seen people print. I am printing my car in ABS with 100% infill. But I got a roll of Nylon and plan on printing some replacement parts with that when they break.

HIPS ABS filament might be a perfect in between material, meaning stronger than average ABS with less warping. Also it is easier to print than Nylon.

Never heard about HIPS ABS, will definitely look in to that

Another comment on the GitHub BOM: it seems the size of the bearings is wrong, as the 3x10x4 seems too small. They need to take the CVD, and that’s more than 3mm. From, it seems they should be 5x10x4.

That’s correct, I should be 5x10x4, not 3x10x4

The steering set is being the most painful for me. Not only by the 5x10x4 bearings but also because I think something is missing in the steering plate’s pieces. Isn’t it?
On the other parte, I’m printing using different materials (pla, abs, nylon) with the results commented before. We’ll get more information about materials at the moment ours RC cars were running (and breaking, hehe)

“Updated Steering.A.3.stl”, the one with the bearings, is missing the two steering pins.

@Diego_Viejo I extracted the STL for the steering pins, you can find it here

Yep, that is correct, its missing in that one. For the moment, I’ve sourced these from another RC-car since I haven’t found the correct screws to go with this printed part yet. But thanks for the stl!

@David_Baron I also have trouble finding the proper ball-head screws. I ordered some from Amazon Marketplace, but got the wrong reference (but also a full refund :slight_smile: So I’ve started “patching” the parts to fit the slightly larger (diameter is 6mm instead of 5mm) screws. Do you know the references for the parts you used?