So a little while ago,

So a little while ago, @Alex_Krause wanted us to share out favourite projects we have done using LaserWeb. At the time, I had only done a few tobacco pouches, but I was working on something much more interesting.

So, here is my new favourite LaserWeb project: A No-Sew Leather Tote Bag with Interchangeable Art Panels.

The entire design was cut with LaserWeb, rivet/press-stud holes included. The art panels were both engraved with LaserWeb.

I’m pretty stoked at how the project turned out. If anyone has an account, the entire tutorial is available there now. Also, it is an entry for the Tandy Leather Contest 2016, so if you like my entry please give me a vote.

UPDATE: The entry has been accepted as eligible for the contest & voting is now live! If you’re interested in giving me a vote, you can sign-in easily with your G+ account rather than creating a new account :slight_smile:

Originally shared by Yuusuf Sallahuddin (Y.S. Creations)

Finally completed my entry & the tutorial on

If you have an account there & like my entry, please give me a vote for the Tandy Leather Contest 2016.

+Peter van der Walt Unfortunately votes can’t be done until they approve it as eligible for the contest. Hopefully not too long, but I am not sure if they’re closed for business for the day in USA at the moment.

Very cool. Great job Yuusuf!

Nice bag you made there. Just checked on voting, not yet. Will do when I can get in to vote.

I don’t mean to nitpick but, @Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ there’s no need for an acount to view a project…

@funinthefalls @David_Cushing Thanks guys :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

@Josh_Rhodes That’s true. I think my brain was a bit fried from spending so long writing the Instructable/uploading photos/video/etc.

Ok I was able to vote. The “Vote button” is at the top right corner. GO GO GO ! ! !

+Peter van der Walt @David_Cushing Thanks guys. Glad to know the vote is live now. Not really sure how the user-votes count for the competition, since the entries are judged by a panel also. Maybe helps break tie-breaks.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ making a good instructable can take it out of you.

I’ve always found writing fulfilling, but it takes me forever, and drains all my energy…

@Josh_Rhodes Very true. The hardest part is stopping whilst working to take photos of every step & record video. I imagine that 90% of my build time was actually taken up by the recording of the process.

Good news though: obviously liked it enough to feature it on the homepage :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was a way to see the vote count. I looked but did find it. If there is one, maybe not since they still will have to judge also.
Maybe voting is like 30% and then they judge the content for the final ‘grade’. That way the guy with the most friends doesn’t always win.

@David_Cushing Yeah, I think the voting does count to some degree, just as you said, it’s definitely not a popularity contest. Looking at previous years’ entry winners, they generally are the most spectacular of the projects/instruction write-ups.

I would like to update anyone that gave me support by voting for my entry. I’ve just received an email from Instructables stating that I have progressed to the next round of judging as a finalist :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for their support of my project!

New update. I’ve received an email from Instructables this morning explaining that they are having issues with their website, hence the late posting of winners. They are hoping to have it fixed & post winners next week.

Results are finally in & I have received a 3rd place prize :slight_smile: Thanks again for everyone’s support.


@David_Cushing Thanks David :slight_smile: