So a bit of a problem,

(Cornelius Wiens) #1

So a bit of a problem, I was adjusting the current on my PrintrBot Metal Plus as per ( and I got my Z axis to skip, I pushed the limit up as per the instructions but now my Z axis is off and jams into the bed when commanding G1Z10F1000.

So this was so simple it’s almost silly, not sure why they didn’t include this in the documentation though.

Not sure what to do I turned my printer off, but then I realized I could probably just use the Home buttons under the control (using OctoPrint), I turned in on and went to G1Z10F100 and the Z was way off, more like 50mm, I hit the Z home, it went to it’s normal Z home and all is well again.

(Adam Steinmark) #2

Why did you adjust it in the first place? Just wondering as a fellow Printrbot user. Were you having problems with overheating?

(Cornelius Wiens) #3

Yes, got very hot and was very loud. The X, Y and Z are much quieter now but the Z skipped and now it’s out of alignment, any ideas? I can’t find ANYTHING about this online and their document doesn’t indicate that there will be a problem if a skip occurs.

(Cornelius Wiens) #4

So it turned out I just needed to use the Home button under the printers control, I’m using OctoPrint so the Z Home button on the Control tab.