Sneak peek from the lab (#IGentus Mark 2)

(Mike Miller) #1

Sneak peek from the lab (#IGentus Mark 2)

(Eric Lien) #2

Looks great. Nice and compact.

(Mike Miller) #3

It’s pretty much going to require redesigning all of the kinematics. The nozzle won’t reach the bed any longer, so I’ll be using the z-stage from #Ingentilire, doubled…I’m a little concerned as the worm screws add more surface defects than the current belt based system…for all of it’s warts, the belts make for perfect intra-layer alignment.

(Seth Mott) #4

Looks nice. What kind of rods are those?

(Mike Miller) #5

They’re IGUS Ceramic coated aluminum rods…very light, kinda pricy.

(Eric Lien) #6

I have some qty:4 x 1/2" ceramic coated rods and a bunch of PBC Linear 1/2" Simplicity bearings from my old Corexy design. If anyone wants to try them out I would be happy to send them. I would just ask them cover shipping.

(Mike Miller) #7

I’ll most likely swap rods and bronze bushings eventually. That’ll lick the circle problem if it cant be tuned out with belt tension.