Smw3d ox tram question, How do I tram the spindle?

(Awesome Coder) #1

Smw3d ox tram question,

How do I tram the spindle? I am getting ridges along the X axis and the Y cuts seem good.

(Colin Kaminski) #2

There is one row of non adjustable wheels on your plates. They should be square. Mine were amazingly square. If you free up the adjustments on the gantry plates and tighten then so as to make sure the non adjustable wheels are in contact it should fix it. Otherwise, there is a tiny bit of play when you tighten the x axis to the plates and that might have a little twist.

You could make a tramming tool with some scraps and two dial indicators to measure more accurately. Without any tools I was able to get to within .002” on a 3” flycutter.

(Awesome Coder) #3

@Colin_Kaminski Thank you for your response… I will work on it this weekend.

(James Rivera) #4

This is something I have been putting off for a while. My plan was to just use my fly cutter to “flatten” my spoilboard after I added the holes for the hold downs. Perhaps I need to rethink that plan.

(Awesome Coder) #5

@James_Rivera yes, looking back I’d rather have planned the holes, bed leveling and laser grid and have the holes proportional in each grid for consistency.

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(Awesome Coder) #7

Used my laser to mark a grid on the spoiler board.

(James Rivera) #8

@Awesome_Coder Nice! I have a 500mw blue diode laser I’ve been thinking about ripping out of its box and putting on my Ox.

(Colin Kaminski) #9

I use mine for 6” of depth so tramming was really useful.