Smootieboard serial connection parameters?

I am able to connect to my Smootieboard using Pronterface.
I would like to be able to establish my own serial connection, using a generic serial terminal program such as Cutecom.
However, I do not know the serial parameters to use. I know which device to use (/dev/ttyACM0) and the baud rate (115200) but what about handshake (hardware or software?), parity (odd, even, mark or space) and the number of data bits (5, 6, 7 or 8?) and stop bits (1 or 2)?

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No other parameter but the port should be important. I use cutecom every day, and the default settings work fine.


I tried the default parameters in Cutecom, and it immediately said ‘no connection’ (or something like that). I tried varying the parameters a bit, but had no luck.
Through Pronterface, I learned that my Smoothieboard firmware is rather old (2013) (even though I bought it first hand in spring 2015).
Could this affect the serial communication?

Does using cutecom as root solve the problem ( sudo cutecom ) ?

Good, suggestion, I’ll try the sudo-thing next time I have it hooked up.