(TarmoK_SW) #1

Hello Smoothie users! I’ve put together a controller to run Smoothie which works with RAMPS driver board. I call it SmoothRamps (visit www . smoothramps . net)

SmoothRamps can replace ArduinoMEGA and allows the use of Smoothie software. Most likely you don’t have to rebuild your printer and can continue using existing electronics.

I hope this board helps Smoothie to gain popularity. In my vision as a software developer, Smoothie could be the most used software on 3D printers! SmoothRamps would help with a smooth and cheap transition to Smoothie.

I make use of this oppurtunity to thank all Smoothie developers on my behalf for the excellent software!

The idea of this letter is to ask for the opinion and possible suggestions of Smoothie’s community.


www . smoothramps . net

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Hey there.

Cool project. Questions ! :) :

  • Will it be open-source ?
  • Why no Ethernet ? Ethernet is awesome.smooth
  • Do you intend to make/sell it and if so at what price ?
  • I see no SD card slot, does that mean it requires a SD-RAMPS to work ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

(TarmoK_SW) #3


  • Will it be open-source ?

Yes, it will be Open-Source Hardware as soon as I finalize design.

  • Why no Ethernet ? Ethernet is awesome.smooth

I agree that Ethernet on Smoothieboard is awesome! But the main design objective of SmoothRamps was simplicity (read: low price). And why not use RaspberryPi as wireless print server ?

  • Do you intend to make/sell it and if so at what price ?

Yes, I intend to make and sell those boards (at least in the beginning). Price ??? Don’t know yet, that depends how many boards I assemble.

  • I see no SD card slot, does that mean it requires a SD-RAMPS to work ?

If you compile your config into the firmware then you don’t need SD card. Otherwise you need SD-RAMPS, RepRapDiscount Smart Controller or RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller.

(Danielis_SW) #4

I like the idea to use different motordrivers. Actually I use TMC2100, and love them.
Also have used 4988 and 8825 but not willing to use them any more once I had the silentdrivers in hands.
Never get in touch with smoothies webinterface but I wonder why you did not have the network connector on the board. There is enough space for it.

I use the azsmz, because I can choose the motordriver I like, laking the possibility to adjust the drivercurrent by software. It is sad that this board is not open source.

However it is not really a big thing to rewire the controller once you switch from Ramps/Arduino to smoothie.

So at the moment I am not sure if I should like your idea. Where can the board be ordered and what is the cost?