Smoothing ABS with XTC-3D...

(Zviad Sulaberidze) #1

Smoothing ABS with XTC-3D… and Voronoi style is so stunning! :smiley:

(Matteo Pascolini) #2

wow! how much stuff did you use?!? seems a little over done…

(Zviad Sulaberidze) #3

not much, but in some areas, it’s overdone, yes :slight_smile: did it first time :slight_smile:

(Zviad Sulaberidze) #4

actually, photos are bit overexposed, because they were too dark, and maybe it seems that they are overdone

(Brian Long) #5

How did you get get the holes in your model? What software do you use?

(Zviad Sulaberidze) #6

I took this model from Thingiverse. If you search for Voronoi, you will get a bunch of holed models :smiley: If you google “how to make Voronoi style”, I believe you get lot of info about it

(Kyle Weems) #7

One method, very easy… just make sure you have the latest version of meshmixer.!How-to-Make-Voronoi-Patterns-with-Autodesk®-Meshmixer/c1r1n/554239780cf2adc1acfea766