Smoothieware and LCD display

Seems menu’s and parameters for menu choices is embedded in the firmware other than the custom menu setup.

Is it possible to have the normal menu choices also to be user config either in config.txt or separate file?

Some items i would like to take out, and other would like to enter some extra gcodes…


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I have a touch screen that has its own firmware where I can change things, maybe a search would reveal one for yours. I load it on an SD car and boot it up, reads it and updates it from there. its a TFT28 fyi

I have the Viki2 display which is similar to the reprap discount.

I also do have a TFT32 here to play with.

This is a planned feature but it has not been implemented yet :

Oh Cool, should be done by next week then… Just Joking.

I better spend more time reading docs before i ask.

One wish list item to add: A “sticky” completed print time. It’s nice to know how long it takes for a specific print. The clock is nice but it would help if the previous print time remained on the screen until a new print is started.