Smoothieware 10 axis


I’m planing a project with a delta printer but I also require 7 more axis in addition to the 3 delta printer axis . Is this possible with smoothieware?

What are the axes for? Extruders? Something else? Will they need to move together, or will only one of the extra axes be moving at any given time?

I’d use 1 axis for my tool switcher 2 more for tilting the bed of the printer and 4 more for actively moving filament. Some of the movements would be completely independent of the normal XYZ movements but other would ideally be done in parallel so the printing process is not stopped.

In addition to the 10 axes I would also require 2 extruders. So a total of 12 steppers.


This is going to require some coding. Essentially extending to more than 6, which shouldn’t be too much trouble, it’s just not trivial.

Or just have all step/dir pins for all extra steppers wired in parralel, and use switch modules to select which ones are enabled at any one time. This means zero coding, but you can use only one of the extra steppers at a time.

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Thanks for the reply.

Regarding the first option, I just saw the note on the page:
NOTE You cannot define extruders AND ABC axis they are mutually exclusive and smoothie will not run if they are both defined.”

To me that sounds like what I’m trying to do is not possible?


Not without modifying the code.

I don’t recommend you go the coding route, the other option I mentionned is much easier and works with the default firmware. If it does the job ( which I think it does ), you should use it.