SmoothieLaser "smooth" circles????

(xboxhacker_SW) #1

I have a ebay brand X 40W china laser. I have been eyeing the smoothieboard project for some time for my 3d printing.

I want to cut some 3/16" acrylic to sell. The China laser makes a good cut. But it looks like you can see the “segments” the the circle was made from. It has vertical lines in it. And if you shine a LED into it, it projects those lines. But the circle was made in a vector format in CorelDraw.

Now i have tried with feeds and speeds to fix this problem, even all types of air assist, to no avail.

So my question is…. can the smoothieboard retrofit my junk laser to cut a PERFECTLY SMOOTH circle??? Or will it be just about the same result??

And no, i never do raster cutting, so that is not an issue……all vector!

Thank you in advance!!!

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

Would you have a picture of this problem ? Sounds like they “scanned” the cut ( like is done for engraving ) to cut it instead of doing a proper vector cut.

Smoothie does perfect circles no problem. If the resolution is not to your liking, you can change it in config, so no problem at all.

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It will not let me attach images. :frowning:

The circle was made with vector software. In corelDraw

(Arthur Wolf) #4

Even if the circle was made in vector software, it’s possible the electronics “only” knows how to do raster, and converted it to a bitmap before cutting it via scanning.

About posting pictures, just replace the dots in the links by the word “dot”. It’ll let you post links/pictures in a few more posts.

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OK, got it!