Smoothieboard with MARLIN? Anyone have any sucess?

Hi all, I have spent over two days now trying to get to flash with Marlin. I ordered a rambo board for a mpcnc project but was sent a smoothieboard. :frowning:
Has anyone got smothieboard x5 or xanything to run with marlin 2.0?
I cant get the fireware to compile.
I am getting errors
#error “Marlin’s Smoothieboard support cannot drive your LCD”
#error “No E stepper plug left for Y2!”
#error “Y_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS requires Y2 pins (and an extra E plug).”

I am using a reprap full graphic smart control board, and that is what I have uncommented.

Any help would greatly be appreciated, I am about to throw this thing in the trash…

It looks like the errors are telling you exactly what’s wrong. Your shipper sent you a hardware-incompatible combination.

Is there a reason you haven’t asked them to resolve this by sending you what you ordered?

Is there a special reason why you prefer Marlin over Smoothieware?
I belief Smoothieware is ok for a CNC machine and it seems to suppprt your LCD.

The LCD screen they sent is compatible, it is the standard screen sent out with the smoothieboard kit. It works with smoothie ware. Are you saying that this lcd wont work with smoothie and Marlin? This screen is commonly used with marlin. I believe it to be a problem w compiling. It acts like the files are not completed for the smoothieboard.

Is anyone been able to compile marlin on any smoothieboard?

Banggood is notorious for not being able to return as the price to ship to back to china is not subsidized so the cost to return items is very costly and really is not an option. They usually attempt to resolve this by refunding part of your money and talking you into keeping it. You have to barter with them to see how much you can get back out of them. You save a bit on stuff but you pay when there is a problem. I have had pretty good luck with banggood, but this definitively is making me consider future purchases.

@cprezzi one good reason to run Marlin on a smoothieboard is if it’s one of the slow-CPU knockoffs instead of the real full-speed-CPU implementations. :slight_smile:

@redeye_joe Sorry, I thought you meant it was a mismatch.

As far as I know, Marlin devs don’t hang out on this forum.

They list their communications mechanisms here:

Posting your complete configuration — the entire Configuration.h file — is more likely to make it possible to help. It’s possible that they haven’t implemented support for that configuration. That’s probably true wherever you are posting.