Smoothieboard v2 Kickstarter is live!

It’s finally here!

Get your board here:

If you hurry you might get an early-bird reward.
If you have any questions, ask here, at, or on Kickstarter.

Thanks again for all the support !!!


Awwww, supply of early-bird v2 prime was sure limited!

Thank you so much for backing :slight_smile:

Well, it was so limited I missed it!


On to the stretch goals!

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Oh I hope we get to some of the stretch goals, some are pretty cool. We are doing everything ultimately, but being able to do them faster would be neat.

Except possible delays on delivery for this one

Typo for “Expect”, I expect… :wink:

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Oh where did I write that again ?

Under the V2-pro heading right above the prototype picture.

Hi, I’m really happy about the V2 boards finally being anounced! Good job guys.

Are you planning to add proper IDEX support in the V2 firmware, meaning dual extrusion, simultaneous printing and mirrored printing? I read that currently there sort of is a way to get it working using the switch module but it is aparently a bit of a hacky solution.

Also, I guess it will be possible to add a (limited) number of external stepper motor drivers to the GPIO pins and map them to any axis as needed (without necessarily using the dual extrusion extension board)?

Maybe you can tell from the questions, I am thinking about building an IDEX printer based on the V2 prime.

The next version of the switch module will make this much less hacky, but I also expect the new v2 codebase will also make it much easier to implement IDEX and friends. The limiting factor at one point will mostly be the fact nobody in the core team has a setup like that, but the door is open for anyone to contribute the code ( made easier by v2, again ), I expect that is how this is going to happen.

Thanks for fast response. I do have some programming experience, but my C++ and embedded skills are lacking. I’ll take a look at the code an give it a thought.

I don’t see WiFi mentioned there… Assuming ESP3D comes along to bring a ESP32 based wifi UI will it get to use fast SD card access you mentioned in features? I have an v1 board (unofficial made by TinyFab) which has custom solution with a multiplexer to expose SD card SPI to ESP3D. Without that uploading gcode files takes forever. How is that getting changed in V2?

I’ve been watching for the Smoothie board 2 to be launched for ever since it was announced… but I never saw a single notification about the kickstarter going live so you probably missed out on a lot of backers due to poor publicity…

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