Smoothieboard v1 is blowing my planetary gear


Re: Rostockmax v2/Smoothieboard v1.

Cheking to see if anyone had this problem.
I’m running a smoothieboard v1 with Kysan planetry gear nema 17 rated for 1amp vs the original stock nema 17 rated 1.5amp on the extruder. It ran for years without issues then suddenly decided to stop working.
The shaft would just vibrate in place. Switched to the original stepper and works without issues but it doesn’t work well because it doesn’t have the torque and keeps stripping filament. So I installed the spare planetary stepper I had and blew it, ordered two more, installed it on a different pin and blew it again. I’m puzzled why it blows the planetary gear and not the stock stepper motor. Has anyone had this issue? What can possibly change Suddenly that it keeps blowing them?


Fixed! Shorted wires.