Smoothieboard on Creality CR-10S

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I am trying to fit a Smoothieboard on a Creality CR-10S printer but can’t find the specs for the thermistors (i.e. beta value/temperature curve) and stepper motors (i.e. current rating - I have configured them at 1A and they seem to run fine but it would be good to optimize).
I have tried contacting CR-10 manufacturers, distributors and forums but no luck. If anyone has done this fit successfully or has any suggestions I would be grateful.

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What stepper motor depends on when you bought it, the phase of the moon, and what stepper motor the tech grabbed that day. Seriously, they’ve changed without any notice over the years, just like their current mess with the Ender 3, where everyone seems to get a slightly different version. I have 1.0 amps on my extruder, 1.5 amps for my X/Y, and 1 amps for my Z. I’ve seen 1.5 for all motors, and I’ve seen 1 amp for all…. So that’s why you probably cannot get a straight answer. 1 amp is a safe bet, and unless you really need the max torque the motor can produce, you should be fine. I would calibrate the X/Y and the Z (use Prusa’s Z-calc) and print a cal cube. That’s what I did and it prints fine. I have another CR-10 (not S version) and I just swapped all the steppers for 1.7 amp versions because I needed a lot of torque, so that’s always an option and those don’t cost much.

In terms of the thermistor, I just used the Smoothie default config thermistor and did a PID autotune and used those PID values. As long as the temps stay within 1-2 degrees of the set point, I don’t bother messing with the thermistor values. With a silicone sock, I’ve never seen my temps move by more than 1 degree, and usually even that is rare.
Hope that helps a bit