Smoothieboard mounting holes

Does anyone know where I can find a drawing of the physical mounting holes for a Smoothieboard? PDF,SVG, or DXF would be fine.


Multiple sources :slight_smile:!topic/smoothieware-support/4J0AbkHt69U

with USB connector at bottom left and pointing left, mounting hole positions are as follows:

9.144, 8.869mm
2.667, 101.7mm
101.727, 101.7mm
101.6, 3.79mm

The board is 129.52mm long and 105.134mm wide.

These numbers are extracted directly from Smoothieboard/smoothieboard-5driver.brd at master · Smoothieware/Smoothieboard · GitHub

The mounting hole locations are exactly the same as the 4x, however the 5x board is longer in one dimension.

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I don’t think your measurements are correct. Even if they are taken from the STL file.
Nobody would make such dimensions. More likely to be:
3mm, 102mm
101mm, 4mm
The board is most likely 130mm long and 105mm wide.

I could be wrong. Maybe the world is truly wackey.

The board is indeed 130x105mm, and I think the holes are 100x100mm appart (with one slightly offset, we couldn’t have it where we wanted it exactly ). The STLs on thingiverse are correct.