Smoothieboard minimum component size

doing a quick search for range of pcb supported by openpnp pick and place machine (max. accuracy level ≃ 0402?) .
Just out of curiosity, what’s the minimum component size inside smoothieboard?

I’m pretty sure the smallest component on a smoothieboard is 0204. Are you going to make your own smoothieboard ? That’s pretty cool, we can probably find a naked PCB for you if you want.


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Unfortunately it would prove itself undoable right now.
Lacking know-how and proper tools.
As if it’s not enough the openbuilds openpnp (pick and place machine) doesn’t reach that (0204) accuracy level as far as I know.
Too bad, thanks though.

Well, you can do what the machine can do with the machine, and do the 0402 by hand. It’s like an hour’s work probably to do just the smallest components by hand.