Smoothieboard can be made to work for more than 3 axes question

" Smoothieboard can be made to work for more than 3 axes. We are not talking about extruders here ( these are supported separately, see Extruder ), but rotational axes, like those for example used for 4 or 5 axis machining."

I am building a pharma pick and place type machine using a laser XY machine. In addition to XY positioning, I hope to use Smoothie board to run a stepper to rotate a cam and another stepper to rotate a sorter. So 4 axis. I don’t understand the comment about extruders. I just want to run the additional two axes using gcode like Z and A axis. Can someone clarify?

It looks like you are quoting from which about using axes that aren’t driving extruders. According to that page, you’ll have to recompile smoothieware to do that.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess i don’t understand what is different/special about an extruder vs just another generic axis. Can i command these additional axis’ using g-code? Are there limit switch pins for all axis? I need homing on all (4) axis. I’m hoping to recompile tonight but, coming from the Marlin world, I’ve guess I have some reading to do first I think. Pretty cool board.

I’m not a smoothie user or developer, so I’m just trying to help figure out what the question is for @Arthur_Wolf who actually knows what he’s talking about here. :wink:

As you can see at, yes there are endtsops for ABC axes. The main difference with extruders is they are addressed with the ABC letters instead of the E letters, they don’t have the special extruder features/finetunings, and they have endstops. What do you want to use these for?