Smoothieboard availability

(jer100_SW) #1

Looking to start some new projects and would like to use smoothieboard. However a lot of stockist don’t have them at the moment. Is there going to be a supply issue with buying them?

Many thanks


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(Patrick Darrieulat) #2


Gotronic en france en a en stock

(jer100_SW) #3

Thanks, but I was also wondering about the general availability going forward. I may have a requirement for quite a few and don’t want to commit unless long term supply prospects are reasonable. It would appear that every stockist in the UK is out of them, neither can I get a sensible answer as to when they will be in stock. Maybe the next gen is coming out soon, I am just looking for some clarity.
Many thanks


(Kayvon_SW) #4

Everything has been out of stock in the USA for a while now. I’ve emailed asking for both updates and to help contribute to the code base (I’m a firmware programmer). No reply yet after a couple weeks.

Without knowing if/when these will ever be back in stock, I’m tempted to get a knock-off and make a monetary donation to Smoothie, but I’m hoping the community has a better option available.

(jer100_SW) #5

Unfortunately I decided to jump ship, the distributor here couldn’t say when they would be available, so I decided to go Duet.
I guess I will see how they compare.