Smoothieboard 5X v1.1 PT100 wiring

(Kai Shi_SW) #1


I am trying to connect the E3D PT100 amp board to Smoothieboard. As I read in the documentation, I need a ADC pin, a AVCC pin and a AGND pin. I successfully located the ADC pin, but could not find AVCC pin and AGND pin in the pinout diagram. Some users were suggesting that the AVCC and AGND pins are right next to the 8 thermistor pins. I found the two spare pins next to the thermistor pins, but I don’t know which one is AVCC and which one is AGND. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A picture would be even better!


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(LEDAero_SW) #2

Did you look at the pinout diagram?

Top left - AGND and next to it is the AVCC