Smoothie pin definitions

Can someone please explain what hardware pin the following is defining?
alpha_dir_pin 0.5 # Pin for alpha stepper direction
How would one find this pin ‘0.5’ physically on the MCU?
Thanks Wayne

It will be the one marked P0.5


From pin-configuration [Smoothieware]

On the Smoothieboard, a “pin” is an input or output.

You may use any pin for any purpose in many circumstances (step/direction for external stepper motors, button inputs, etc.).

A given pin is linked to a specific peripheral on the board in all other circumstances.

To find out where the pins are, go to Pinout.

By inserting a “!” after the pin number in the config line, you can have the output of a pin inverted, for example:

Thanks guys,

What I was after is what baremetal MCU pin is being referenced. I’ve come to realize x.y == port abstracted to num. Meaning; 0.5 == PA5, 1.6 == PB6.
Is this correct?

That makes sense and you could probably verify that looking at the Smoothie src for their pin mapping header file. Again, makes sense that 0 = A, 1=B, 2=C etc.

See also lpc1769-pin-usage [Smoothieware]

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