Smoopi - Quit from menu?

I have read the troubleshooting instructions on the Smoothieware web site and I still need help.

Problem description

When I quit the Smoopi interface on the RPi3 (Menu/System/Quit), it exits out to the console and then almost immediately starts Smoopi up again. This means I can’t access the command of the pi. I need to access the command to make further configuration. In particular, I’d like to install Samba to allow file sharing from my programming computer to my Pi that will eventually (and hopefully) control my CNC. I have configured the Pi to load Smoopi on startup per the instructions here: GitHub - wolfmanjm/kivy-smoothie-host: AKA Smoopi. A Smoothie host, running on rpi with touch screen, or on a Desktop

This is a brand new install (which by the way went beautifully and the Smoopi Interface is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out…

Raspberry Pi3b

Smoothieboard v1

  • I am running Smoothieware version: Cant remember but it’s the CNC version.

  • I connect to my Smoothieboard via USB and use CNCjs. Today was my first attempt at using Smoopie

  • My Smoothieboard controls a: CNC Router