SmartrapCore is officially out !  We take orders on and it's now published

SmartrapCore is officially out ! We take orders on and it’s now published on ( for the stl basic version ) and ( for the openjscad source file ) .

Soon to come : assembly videos, doc, bom, ect … We are busy on it right now.

I think I know where my over-sized RepRap Wallace vitamins will go, thank you Smartfriendz.

haha, welcome :slight_smile: it’s a good reuse i’m sure.

I don’t like this not parallel belts - do they have any influence on the print?

first line is parallel, only the motors to the back bearings have 3 degs . Honestly, i couldn’t mesure any problem on printed parts ( for now :slight_smile:

Found issue with 2 elements motorXY and bearingsXY - they don’t behave correctly for wider boards (like 19mm or 3/4 inch)

here is patch file to fix it

thank you so much Mateus. I will apply the patch today :slight_smile:

How about an option in the scad for 2020 extrusions, 20mm material thickness with new holes centers on 10mm for tnuts?

that would be just wonderful :slight_smile: i planed to have an integrated version for extrusions. I guess it won’t be so hard to do , now we have the all structure.

@Jarek_Szczepanski ​ there should not be any influence on carriage linear movement with this 3 degree belt, since the angle doesnt change in all range of movements.
However I think that belt might try to slide off the bearing or belt will touch printed part that would prevent such slide. Having motor in half of the belt angle would probably solve it, but that might be not needed, tests will tell.

Machine I am building 400x340 build area, will have the angle much smaller.