Smaller multibot

(chris rowse) #1

Hi all,

I have started a blogspot to document my multibot build, inspired by @shauki.It is also (mainly) a place for me to think aloud and refine my ideas through comments.

I am happy to share design files as they are proved workable, though much of what I am doing is experimental and incremental as I get hands on experience with it.

I have been going at it since November 2018, though the idea is a bit older.

Writeup of what I have done and am planning to achieve

Progress has been a bit slow and erratic, though it is now at the stage I have something to show.

I hope to post some videos later this week, and that others will join @anon57870006 in taking 3DP to the next level.

My expertise is in software, and I have been a professional developer since the late 70’s. I work mainly in Java, C++ and C.

I think the software component, coupled to re-thought electronics is what will make or break this development and am eager to collaborate.