Small modifications made: Enabled IP on Smoothie Small switch to connect Smoothie and Pipo,

(Cesco Aiel) #1

Small modifications made:
Enabled IP on Smoothie
Small switch to connect Smoothie and Pipo, and the whole to the Network

Planning my next mods:

  1. Permanent power for switch and Pipo, bypassing the emergency cutoff (so we can use the Pipo while the rest is turned off)
  2. Solidstate relay to 2 220V powersockets to turn on/off the cooler and air-evacuation together with the compressor

(Also looking at options for a less noisy compressor)

(Bonne Wilce) #2

The compressor by far, the rest of the machine is about as noisy as a 3d printer.

Some good ideas there @CescoAiel keep us updated with it interested to see what you do :slight_smile:

I would advise against turning on and off the chiller between jobs, best leave it on the whole day if your using the machine frequently.
Compressor, Laser Psu, motors and extractor fan you can turn off when idle in between jobs to lower the noise and power usage.

(Cesco Aiel) #3

@Bonne Wilce we may change it later on, but for now we’re more likely to forget to turn it off (because we cannot hear it) or on (only twice, and only for 4-5 seconds, but we want to prevent the chance of leaving it off for longer!)
We aren’t doing long sessions yet, as we’re still in the testing phase (BTW: I had to turn trickle back to 0.7 because it still fired very unreliably)

PS: Happy Easter!

(Bonne Wilce) #4

Okay just dont run it without the chiller :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy Easter to you too :slight_smile:

(Cesco Aiel) #5

So I drilled and tapped 2 holes in the bottom to mount the socket for permanent power for the Pipo and…

(Cesco Aiel) #6

The switch that connects the two devices to the network

(Cesco Aiel) #7

(Yes, it’s upside-down… It won’t fit and stay in place the right way up!)

(Cesco Aiel) #8

Soldered a header pin in the Smoothie’s reset pad, and fit a jumper cable from 0.25 to the reset, so I can hard-reset the Smoothie with an M command…

(Cesco Aiel) #9

Smoothie config to allow for hard-reset by command (using pin 0.25)

##RESET switch

Switch module for reset control

M80 will pull it low, and the reboot will reset it to high

This allows for a hard reset by a command (M80)

when you don’t have access to the reset switch

switch.reset.enable true # Enable this module
switch.reset.input_on_command M80 # This switch is turned on (LOW) when M80 is sent
switch.reset.input_off_command M81 # This switch is turned off (HIGH) when M81 is sent
switch.reset.output_pin 0.25!^ # This pin is turned off (Low) when this switch is turned on, and vice-versa
switch.reset.output_type digital # No PWM, just on or off

(Cesco Aiel) #10

Network cable from Pipo to Switch and HDMI cable from Pipo to…

(Cesco Aiel) #11

The under-side of the FABkit, also the network cable from network to switch is there… The HDMI connects with a F/F HDMI coupler to another HDMI cable to an external monitor!

(Cesco Aiel) #12

(More to follow!)

(Cesco Aiel) #13

I have modified the plans a bit… I have on order a 2nd Samsung NC switch for the emergency cutoff button (you can fit up to 3 of those on the button itself)
I already have a 2nd SSR

I also cut holes for and already mounted in the back 3 IEC320 sockets (1 male for power in, 2 female for power out)

1 Power in so the cooler and extraction aren’t behind the same fuse the FABkit is on…
1 Power out connected to the 2nd emergency shut-off switch for the cooler, so it gets turned on and off with the rest of the FABkit (since I can’t reach the small switch on the back 90% of the time, we just use the big red button for that. Also the small switch also switches off the Pipo, Smoothie and network switch inside!)
1 Power out connected to the SSR, controlled by a free pin on the smoothie, to turn extraction on and off at the beginning and end of each job…

(Cesco Aiel) #14

Added to the back 3 IEC plugs (2F/1M)
Top one goes to the cooler, via a 2nd breaker (NC) switch on the emergency stop
Middle one goes to air evacuation via a 2nd SSR
Bottom one is power in for the above two (so they’re not all behind the fuse for the FABkit itself)

(Cesco Aiel) #15

2nd SSR (screwed to the bottom plate near the laser PSU)
1/2 go to the Smoothieboard 0.24
3/4 go to the middle and bottom IEC plugs

(Cesco Aiel) #16

And the leads from 0.24 towards the SSR (1/2)…

(Cesco Aiel) #17

PS: I tinned all leads, as I didn’t have any crimp shoes handy, and couldn’t find my crimper anymore either!

(Cesco Aiel) #18

@Bonne Wilce @FabCreator Just a ping to alert you that I’ve posted some updates above!

(Bonne Wilce) #19

You certainly leading the way on the mod front!

(Bonne Wilce) #20

Have you also thought to connect the chillers alarm up to a pin on the smoothie. Should be able to set it to Trigger the alarm state if not on or too hot.