Small corner shelf panel

Threw a blank into the cnc for a quick kitchen corner shelf this morning with one of my designs. Made with ash 11.5"x20"x.75". I hate sanding so pretty much right out of the machine. Calling it rustic. One coat of lacquer and calling it good. Right behind sanding is finishing. Namaste.


I don’t recall if we ever asked:

  • Speeds
  • Bits
  • Plunge rates
  • Software

At some point I am going have to learn a lot of that stuff. I bought an Axiom Iconic 6 with VCarve Pro late last year.

I am having a really hard time making myself transition to it because I’ve had a Carvewright for years and its designed for Grandmas with no mechanical knowledge. You put a 3d picture into a memory card and you hit go. The machine then does all its preprogrammed steps so you have no need to know anything else.

The machine is slow. No roughing passes. Not optimized. Mostly plastic. Limited bit selection…but stupid simple to use.

I used a 1/16" ball carving bit with the Carvewright Designer 2.x software with STL importer (old but still good). This STL model was made with Blender 3d.