Small backdrop with some LEDS.

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #1

Small backdrop with some LEDS.

(Marc Miller) #2

Mesmerizing display, really love it.
Any details you can share?

(Will Tatam) #3

I really like that. Audio responsive at all or random?

(Will Tatam) #4

Offsetting the center is nice idea, works well

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #5

@marmil Thanks! yes offcorse. all animations are made with Jinx! over ArtNet. Basically it’s all the same strip. all strips have the same data input, some are longer than others… thats it :slight_smile:

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #6

@Will_Tatam Thanks ! It’s not audio responsive unfortunately, i hope i will manage to pull off that trick someday :slight_smile:

(Marc Miller) #7

@Jeroen_van_Dorsten Did you do anything special regarding splitting the data signal? I’ve heard if you try to split the signal many times it sometimes causes signal loss issues.

Also, what controller are you using and did you use a level shifter?

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #8

@marmil I didn’t do anything special on this one, also did not need a level shifter or resistor, strange enough… I use a Wemos d1 Mini v3.
But i have to mention that i use 2 powersupply’s on this one.
A 2000 mah powerbank for the wemos, and a 10000mah for the LEDs.
All grounds are connected.
Maybe that does the trick on this one.
I don’t encounter signal loss at all. (i guess)
There is a slight delay in starting Jinx! data, but thats because i use wifi instead of usb to send data.

Just made 2 umbrella’s with less LEDs and they did need a levelshifter, same type of board with the same sketch.
But with the umbrella’s i use only one powersupply.

(Marc Miller) #9

Interesting. Thank you for the notes.

(Jason Coon) #10

That looks amazing!

(James Callahan) #11

Some of those animations really seemed like they were sync’d with the music, but you said there was no audio response. Really cool!

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #12

@Jason_Coon Thanks!

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #13

@James_Callahan Thanks!