Slowly progressing forward.

Slowly progressing forward.

Looking like a solid and well organised build. Nice work indeed!

Looking good.

Looks great Derek!

@Eric_LeFort Wait on @Daniel_Salinas to finish his guide, i have had to do alot of self solving or asking daniel or eric to get things right and lots of frustrating reassembly. but i picked this because i like the challenge of self solving or having to find things out on the fly.

@Eric_LeFort Shipping is a killer do as much as you can to avoid multiple vendors. you can get all belts on robotdigg which will save you a fair bit of money compared to getting them from 3 vendors at a higher price. also look into doing one extruder. according Eric 2 is just not worth it. (it could potentially save you about $200)

Thanks @Derek_Schuetz and @Daniel_Salinas and @Eclsnowman . Exciting times! Iā€™m pretty sure a HercuLien is in my future now I see these builds coming together. Some problem solving = good, reinventing the 3D printer = bad.

If people take good notes and we help @Daniel_Salinas ā€‹ with his awesome documentation effort things should go more smoothly for future makers. I am trying to make better prints, but it does take time. I am trying (and unfortunately failing) to strike the proper balance of work, family, HercuLien, and my efforts on the Eustathios Spider V2. Any help from others is always appreciated.

Big thanks should go out to @Daniel_Salinas ā€‹, he is really doing great efforts in this area.