Slowly getting there with my "let's build a 3D printer" project (Hypercube Evolution)...

Slowly getting there with my “let’s build a 3D printer” project (Hypercube Evolution)… I’ve been taking my time thinking about cabling options and layouts. And I’m still not totally sure about how/where to run the main harness for the hot-end.

You have to love the Engineer PA-09. I’ve made loads of multi-core cables in the last few days, with both JST XH and PH sizes. I think I only had to remake ONE crimp

Good luck with the rest! I need to get to putting my Mooz together.

Hi Cliff! Nice looking build you have there. Everyone is different but I always do better when I can see it in person. If you tie a string to the hot end and move it about to see where the issues might be. If a string is too flimsy for the experiment a piece of PTFE tubing should work. This will show you where things might get pinched etc. Just a thought. Will you be using s Ramps1.4/Arduino setup or a smoothie board…?

@Bob_Davis1 , that’s actually @Alan_Lord 's build. I’ve yet to post mine. Good tips though.

@Bob_Davis1 Ramps type (MKS Gen 1.4) as I can’t afford a Duet Wifi. But I will be running Klipper on it along with the Raspberry Pi.