Slight delay in my build due to changes in the Kraken.

Slight delay in my build due to changes in the Kraken. Can’t use @Tim_Rastall carriage. Mounting holes are 1mm farther apart in the longer direction and the coolant barbs are closer together so the hoses would rub on the x shaft.

Anybody have any ideas on a mount for the Kraken?

I can probably adjust the carriage. I also have a new version that uses lm8uu instead of bronze bushings if you’d prefer.

I would like to see what you have. The Kraken drawing on E3D’s website has the correct mounting hole dimensions, but it still shows the barb holes in line with the bowden holes. The barb holes are now inboard of the bowden holes.

Lm8uu carriage sounds good, have you tried it? Any better / worse in performance?

I would like to see the lm8uu version also.

I’ve not tried the design. Swapped out the Kraken for the V6 E3d I’m testing. Should work well and it’s very modular/ easy to print. The lm8uus should perform just like the Ultimaker ones. They’ll likely be noiser but maintain alignment better and not wear down like bronze bushings.