Sliding layers SOLVED, but these drops? Finally I printed my piece,

Sliding layers SOLVED, but these drops?

Finally I printed my piece, but there are many ‘drops’ bumping from surfaces; I suppose every layer change drop will be generated; how may I fix this?

Can be moisture in the filament.

It could be over extrusion still.

Over extrusion is most likely the case. Perhaps you are printing too hot? What is your extruder temp and print speed?

More retraction? (Again, I have not put much effort into print quality… so take this as a not well informed opinion)

Its just the layer change like you say, I dont think theres an easy way of getting rid of them. Certainly I’ve never found one.

That doesn’t look like layer change, and the holes look as if they might be over-extruded.

Thanks to all again, so we have too much extrusion or/and too much retraction… I have about 50 cm of PTE tube from motor and hotend, I set 4 mm retraction, retraction speed 20 mm/sec ( I can’t go faster, due of 1:14 geared motor, it can’t run faster); I use PLA eSun, on the box I read 210~230 °C, I’m using 200 °C, but I think it can extrude at lower temp, but I don’t know what can be better and what not decreasing temp… print speed are (mm/sec) : perimeter 80, infill 120, external perimeter 60%, solid infill 60%, top solid infill 50%, first layer 50%, travel 120; if I could avoid to get this ‘drops’, the print and printig would be perfect ( for Aaron Birenboim : there still is the measures problem, I’ll fix it next step)

Try 190º and a little less speed of perimeter (consequently less speed in external perimeter). For quality, less speed is better.

Do you have the ability to print perimeters from the outside in so any layer changes will be be on the inside?

Yes, I can do it, great idea, thanks

What’s easy (or for me to tune) is I printed several boxes. I mean several. I’ve reduced acceleration, jerk, played with perimeters, infil, yada yada. Look at it this way this is s hobby. You can always print another and say hey that looks a ton better. I’m still tweaking and have a power issue but from usb prints r darn good.

Mmhhh… Please define ‘r darn good’…