Slicer that can creat a dummy run?

Hi, building another faster printer. I’d like to test actual speeds and travels but do not have the hot-end installed yet. Is there some way I can create GCode file with no heat and extruder and bed temperature settings or commands?

I’d like to compare my existing print times with the new one before getting too far into the build. I run the existing printer without filament and minimal settings for hot-end and bed. I am not that far along with the new build yet, but if it is not significantly faster I will need to rethink the design.

You can edit the gcode so it doesn’t wait for the nozzle temp :

Or you could probably just remove this :

That’s for Marlin firmware, but the code is the same. You could do the same for bed temp too.

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Thanks for the welcome and suggestions. I had already tried the M109/M190 thing but the extruder commands forced a “too cold” error. I finally just did a global find/replace and put a “;” before any “E” in the entire file and that seemed to satisfy everything as all extruder commands seemed to be last in the line.

Thanks for the thoughts though.

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You can alter the filament profile to use 0 degrees for all temperatures, so no heating will take place, but you need to add the M302 command to your init sequence to allow “cold extrusion”.


In Slic3r under printer settings>general>gcode flavor you can select “no extrusion”.

I assume this feature carried over to prusa/super slic3r since they are based off slic3r.

One of those settings that is in a strange location.


Thanks, a search in Prusa Slicer found nothing like that. I remember in Marlin there was a method to assign a special hot-end Thermistor type that would allow “cold extrusion,” “type = 255” kinda thing.

But just remarking out the “E” with a “;” in the GCode did the trick for the test runs.

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It might be an “advanced setting” (my slic3r has expert mode on) or maybe they took it out.

Not sure why you would though…it was a useful feature every once in a while.