SketchUp in a browser!

If you like TinkerCad and/or SketchUp, you can use a limited SketchUp in a browser. It will not allow you to save a SVG file but you can save in STL and convert in your favorite CAD program.


I tried the browser SU and feel that they removed a key feature “outlining”. This caused me to move to F360. I was willing to pay in the $100 range for the pro but they refused a reasonable hobby option. The compatibility with my CNC was another big reason for leaving.


As noted in my Made by Makers post, I’m using this for all my designs (of sufficient complexity.) I like it, although it can be a bit more work than needed for more simple designs. But it is an excellent (free) program. The paid features I have yet to find a use for in woodworking, other than once tried to use the ‘union’ function (which pops-up an option to pay) but found an easy work-around for that. Basically, I didn’t see any ‘pay for’ features I cared about. But free works nice enough for now :slight_smile:

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