Site Updates: See solutions, topic tooltips, observe online

(Michael K Johnson) #1

We have added some new features to Maker Forums!


If you ask a question, and someone posts a solution that works, please click on the checkbox at the bottom of their response. That will help others find solutions to the same or similar problems.


In lists of topics, hover your mouse pointer over the topic title to see a snippet of the text of the first post.

Online Indication

At the top of the site, there is an indication of who has been recently using the site (“online” here currently means “interacted with the site in the past 5 minutes”), and throughout the site a green circle around an avatar indicates that the user has been recently using the site.

This feature is currently restricted to users who have been part of Maker Forums for a while and have used the site in a variety of ways during that time. If you are a new user and don’t see it yet, just stick around and use the site for a while! :slight_smile:

Please Pardon our Dust

If you saw a “502 Bad Gateway” error that went away when you reloaded, that was us adding more functionality to the site. The site goes offline for about 1 minute when we add new plugins, and the “502 Bad Gateway” error from “nginx” is the symptom you see.