Since the Pi 2 is on backorder for a while it seems,

Since the Pi 2 is on backorder for a while it seems, if you had your choice right now would you go with a Beagle Bone Black, Edison, Pi B+ or wait for the Pi 2 to be in stock. This will connect to a TinyG v8 and be WiFi connected.

I’d go for the odroid c1. Or, just a regular b+

Interesting. I had not see the odroid yet and that might be a good candidate to play around with a few other ideas I have.

For this project though if a B+ would work well enough, I may just pick up one of the kits with enclosure, power supply and wifi for dirt cheap and run with it. Just wanted to make sure the B+ would work just fine with chilipeppr.

I think the current raspi is a bit slow for the price these days.

Slow is relative to the context I suppose. Will the additional horsepower of a Pi 2 or even the odroid benefit streaming from ChiliPepper to a TinyG?

I see Rasp Pi 2 on Amazon, claimed in-stock. Is that a high price?
No experience (with Pi) but I always start my searches there.

The only one’s I’ve seen listed on Amazon are about $20 higher than they should be. Base price should only be $35 +/- a few dollars. Not $55.

And the one seller who has it sub $40 is gouging the shipping.

I have a Rasp. B+ … it’s fine as a dedicated serial port server. I can even remote in to it at the GUI level without getting to frustrated, as long as I’m not expecting it to do something like actually run ChiliPeppr.

Well try out a test job on the tinyg in the cloud because that runs on a raspberry pi. Then try it on your local Mac or Windows box. You’ll notice a little slower processing of gcode but it may not affect your job performance.

If you use the b+, set it up to not run with a GUI and just boot to a cmd prompt. That will help performance a lot and SPJS doesn’t require X to run. Works fine for me.

Whatever I end up with I’m planning to run it headless anyway so a UI is not needed at that point as long as it boots up and starts the SPJS instance unattended. If I need to make changes, I can remote into it.

I’ll probably just sit tight and wait for the 2’s to come back in stock. I can connect direct USB in the mean time.

Hi, since yesterday i´m with a beaglebone black with debian running spjs, i only made some test but i´m very happy with it, i not notice any lag.

I got my hands on 1 Raspberry Pi 2 B board today. Adafruit had 49 in stock when I ordered it along with a bunch of other stuff. Went back after dinner to buy a 2nd one and they were completely sold out! That was fast.