Since I've received my printer, it seems things have loosened,

Since I’ve received my printer, it seems things have loosened, and my horizontal walls aren’t as well aligned as they were, and I can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the “striations” in my newer prints. Can anyone offer suggestions? See images below. The red is the older print with the “tighter” printer, the black and blue were printed last night. Can’t seem to get the original results. Note the inconsistency in the walls of the black/blue parts, whereas the red part has very consistent layers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Belts were going to be my next guess. Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll get on that.

I did adjust the jerk settings, but not acceleration. I’ve read that low jerk settings will cause the small pimples I’m getting at the start/end of a shell. Right now it’s at 15mm/s

…Which is an arbitrary number, unless I tell you that’s roughly 20% my capable print speed. However, I’m generally printing at about 30mm/s. Slow, but i get desired results.

Wow, those results are awesome! Any suggestions on my extruder settings? A percentage of my total? I haven’t had any drive skipping problems yet - all my acceleration/jerk settings are low. I’d love to get to an end-result like yours. Just not sure how/where to start.

As per your advice, I’ve since tightened my belts and screws (The belts definitely needed it). So far my test block is looking better, I’ll post when it’s done. If it works, I just need to get rid of those blebs…