Since I cant fix my E3D v5 with it creating to much back pressure

Since I cant fix my E3D v5 with it creating to much back pressure and stripping my filament out I have 3 options.

  1. Buy different filament and see if my filament is the problem
  2. Buy the E3D v6 heat block and bottom parts
  3. Buy a j-head hotend and forget the E3D

Which one do you think would be the most likely to fix my problem

Have you had a similar problem +Peter van der Walt

OK that’s what I’ve been thinking about doing because I didn’t have this problem with my old J head. Figured I would try something new

I had a similar issue and the temp was 10deg too cold and stripped when part through top or bottom layers

chad I trade you a mk v-b jhead and if its any use a greg reloaded extruder. I like to test the E3D

Got the active cooling going?
Made sure the nozzle is clean as a whistle?
No gunk in the drive wheel?
Verified hot end temperature?

then retraction setting

@korpx check the temp thought that might have been my problem because I found out that my thermistor wasn’t even touching and my temp was 360C instead of the 235 I had set on the computer. I fix that problem and got my temp down to 220 or 230 checking with a thermal couple. Cleaned out the hotend at least 7 or 8 times even put the nozzle in acetone over night and you could see through the small 0.4mm hole. Also cleaned out the bulldog xl extruder a couple dozen times as well @Peter_L mine does it when trying to advance the filament or when printing I’ve set my mm/s on my extruder from 25 max down to 3 max thinking maybe it’s just moving to fast with no luck which it was moving kind of fast. @jinx_OI idk maybe I will have to think about the trade.

Also yes have the active cooling going

Also make sure you have a solid connection between the heat break and the nozzle. If any plastic gets between them and causes them to not seat properly you will have loads of issues.

I’ve been a lot happier with my E3D hotend than with my Jhead. I did notice that when I changed I needed to set my temperatures up a few degrees to get everything flowing the same, but I’ve not had any issues with overheating filaments or back pressure issues beyond that.

I also had major problems. It just would not print PLA at all. I tried everything. I reverted back to the printers standard hot end and it all works perfectly.
I think my problem was that I didn’t have enough cooling on the E3Dv5 heatsink. I think that because of the stainless steel heatbreak, it is VERY important to have excellent cooling on the cold end. Anything less than perfect cooling and it will fail.
I was toying with the idea of water cooling the heatbreak.
Don’t bother with option 2 as it will NOT fix your problem.

I would prefer the e3dv6 before getting back to jhead…i think the backpressure should be nearly the same because both are using a PTFE tube forwarding the filament to the hotend.

@Joe_Spanier I did notice some PLA inside the heat block at one point and had to chase the threads to remove it. Only a thread or two of plastic that you could see the plastic escaped. That was one of the many times I’ve taken it apart to clean. But I always heat it up and tighten everything up with the small gap between the block and nozzle. @Doug_Laney what would you say your temp is normally. I’ve been measuring 230 at the nozzle with thermal couple probe and around 195 from the thermistor. Also do you have a v6 or v5. @Ben_Jackson so my current set up I would normally have the fan on it when it’s on the printer and I was still having this problem. I’ve been testing it off the printer without the fan since I keep taking it apart. Ya option 2 sounds a little out there but would be a really cool idea. @3D-Proto does the v6 use a PtFE tube. Because my v5 doesn’t thought it was suppose to be an all metal hotend.